Jerry Can Whiskey Bar
Jerry Can Whiskey Bar
Jerry Can Whiskey Bar

Jerry Can Whiskey Bar

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7 995 kr
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We make old petrol tanks into exclusive portable bars.
Custom made with your favorite spirits.

Prices from 4995 SEK. 
The pictures show one of the more exclusive variants with an extended price of 7995 SEK.
This bar has been constructed in a very high standard. Like an aged old whiskey, this vintage jerrycan born in 1981 making it 37 years of age, with aged old patina a good year for steel and construction.
The interior construction has been built to a luxurious standard with a polished stainless steel body and plush soft elk skin, with studded upholstery.
The bar can hold up to three 70cl bottles of your choice, six cans of Coca Cola for your JD & coke.
Other components in this bar are as follows,
2 whiskey tumblers
4 shot glasses
Built in Bluetooth speaker
Rechargeable power bank
2 USB ports for charging phone or pad
LED lighting automatic on opening
LED removable torch
3 stainless steel elk skin coasters
Cigar holder for 2
Zippo lighter