About us

We are a small company called Helsinge Design located in the north of Sweden.
The company started by Paul Alford who came to Sweden for about
18 years ago when he got the job as Gränsfors Bruks Master axe  smith.

Then Paul finished his job at Gränsfors Bruk and started his own company with his friend Dan Brock Petersén and the Helsinge Design was born.

jumped from the English countryside which was refined in Hälsingland to
perfection. We work according to the method upcycling which
means a sustainable way of working. Jeep dunkers are purchased
Used from various surplus stock, old buckets from the 40s and onwards
with the right quality. The leather and jeans fabric comes from jackets
purchased at secondhand. All cans are made according
to the customer's wishes.
We do a lot more than jerrycanbars...
But everything we do is unique